Specialist Leaders Of Education

Specialist leaders of education are outstanding middle and senior leaders. They have at least 2 years’ leadership experience in a particular specialism (e.g. maths, school business management, initial teacher training).
Their role is to support individuals or teams in a similar position in other schools. They help others achieve outstanding leadership in their area of specialism.
We will recruit and manage the placements of specialist leaders of education. This involves:
  • Identifying subject area priorities within our alliance

  • Setting up a panel of head teachers to assess applicants

  • Using eligibility criteria to select specialist leaders of education

  • Ensuring that the recruitment process is fair

  • Notifying the National College For Teaching & Leadership of outcomes and confirming them to applicants

  • Dealing with applicant appeals

  • Organising training for specialist leaders of education

  • Negotiating specialist leader of education work within our alliance

  • Ensuring that specialist leaders of education are providing high-quality support that is having a positive impact