Inspire Maths


Due to the success of the initial Inspire Maths five-day course that commenced in September 2015, we are currently hosting our 5th course which commenced in November 2017.



‘Inspire Maths’ is built on the proven approach to teaching mathematics in Singapore, recognised globally as one of the most impactful ways to teach and learn maths.
‘Inspire Maths’ has been developed with leading UK educational experts and correlated to the new National Curriculum in England. It was selected by the Department for Education and NCETM for the national textbook research project with Maths Hubs
The programme follows a concrete – pictorial – abstract approach which ensures deep understanding of mathematical concepts during individual lessons and over time.
Carefully-designed spiral progression in the programme builds up knowledge over time, enabling all children to become confident mathematicians.
Inspire maths guided sessions promote discussion and exploration, with a strong emphasis on mathematical language, speaking in full sentences, and reasoning (by children consistently being required to explain how they know).
Inspire maths guided sessions include specific questions, which draw out children’s understanding and identify and misconceptions immediately. 
Examples of these questions include:

• How do you know?

• What do you know?

• What do you see?

• What is the relationship between…?

• Say it in a full sentence

• What if…

• Prove how you know

• Talk to me in fractions/measure/ shape properties (correct maths vocab)

• Is there another way?

• Use resources to explain your thinking

• Tell me about…

• Show me another way

• If you know that, what else do you know?

• What is the same and what is different?

• Can you be more specific?

• Does that always apply?

• What makes you think that?

• How does that fit in (with)

• What is happening?

• What is likely to happen?
Inspire Maths is a high-quality textbook programme which can be used from Y1- Y6 and helps every child to achieve maths mastery. The pupil textbooks introduce concepts in a highly scaffolded way, helping children to make meaningful connections between mathematical ideas.
Each child records their learning in a practice book. The practice books reinforce the concepts that have been introduced and encourage extensive opportunities for independent practice. This builds fluency through frequent and varied practice leading towards mastery of concepts. Practice books include a variety of questions and word problems (including non-routine) for consolidation, and challenging questions.


The Teacher’s Guides provide a clear pathway to quickly identify gaps for immediate intervention and opportunities for further practice or enrichment.

Comprehensive reviews provide consolidation after every two or three units.

Each child has an Inspire Assessment Book. These books support teachers to assess children’s mastery of concepts and create a record of individual progress.
Inspire Maths provides a range of summative assessments that can be used after teaching 2-3 units, midterm or termly.
Children are also assessed against Age Related Expectations in Mathematics using our school tracking and assessment procedures, supported by Assertive Mentoring summative assessments. 

Standards have increased significantly with a greater number of children attaining Expected standards and Greater Depth in Mathematics.

An indication is provided by Y6 Predictions from within The Heath Academy Trust. This cohort started in Year 5 therefore will have completed 2 years of Inspire by the time they take their SATs.

School                           School                 National

% achieving ARE            96% (89%)          70%

% achieving GDH           41% (30%)          17%


Brackets indicates KS1 (old curriculum) results for this cohort L2b+ and L3